A Passion for Perfection

The best of both worlds

At Neospeq we blend design and manufacturing as seamlessly and naturally as Yin & Yang. We understand that in today’s global village, flexibility, cost and service are the key to success and that’s why we’ve developed a unique modular approach that provides our customers with a more practical and affordable solution to large scale furnishing projects.

Our Philosophy

We salute the extra and anti-ordinary, the wonderful and the one-off. A good piece tells a story, makes the mundane into a celebration, transforms an event from special into iconic. There is a reason some designs are called timeless, as they have survived endless evolutions and trends. Attention to detail, aesthetics and quality are words we take to heart, even if it’s not always easy, but that’s the thing with doing a job you love - it never seems like work.

Our story

Our story begins with Neo Leung, who for over a decade worked with many of the world’s leading designers - leaving a design footprint in some of the world’s most recognizable establishments. This also led to the birth of invaluable relationships with some of the world’s best suppliers, opening up unique sourcing and trading channels that allowed him to translate great visions into the highest calibre of deliverables. Despite the great experience, Neo always felt there was something missing in the process; a fluid approach that balanced between design, sourcing and manufacturing, and between service and affordability. With Neospeq, he brings a holistic vision that caters to the bottom line without compromising on quality and finishing. Our story is just beginning, but with each new project a new chapter is being written.

Our team

  • Neo Leung

    Neo Leung

    Founder & Director

    Neo brings an impressive track record of over a decade in the industry, collaborating with renowned designers and spearheading remarkable projects across the globe. His exceptional experience has left an indelible trail of success and innovation, earning him recognition as a leader in the field. With an unwavering passion and a hands-on approach, Neo infuses every project with a touch of brilliance. Drawing from his extensive experience, valuable insights, and a vast global network, he consistently transforms each endeavor into something extraordinary. Neo's commitment to excellence ensures that every project surpasses expectations and creates lasting impressions. Even as a child, Neo's fascination with his Lego sets sparked his dreams of one day building a metropolis. It was during those formative years that he nurtured his vivid imagination, cultivated a keen sense of aesthetic, and developed an unparalleled attention to detail. Through Neospeq, Neo finds himself reconnecting with that sense of freedom and creativity he once experienced as a child. By founding Neospeq, Neo has embarked on a remarkable journey, not only to build structures but to create captivating spaces that inspire awe and ignite the imagination. His unwavering vision and dedication drive the team to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and redefine what is possible. Under Neo's leadership, Neospeq thrives as a symbol of innovation, creativity, and excellence. With his guidance, we continue to reimagine the possibilities, shaping remarkable environments that leave a lasting legacy.

  • Phoebe Huang

    Phoebe Huang

    Co-Founder & Account Manager

    Phoebe brings a decade of invaluable experience in the wholesale and manufacturing industries to Neospeq. Her expertise in international product management and customer service enhances our team, driving us towards the pinnacle of service excellence and quality. As a strategic thinker, Phoebe's innovative business strategies have played a vital role in fostering a cohesive and efficient working environment across all our units. Her vision guides us towards achieving the highest standards of service and quality, ensuring that every aspect of our operations aligns with our overarching goals. Phoebe's passion for effective communication shines through in her interactions with both our team and clients. She believes that genuine connections are the cornerstone of pushing the boundaries of our business. By fostering strong relationships and open lines of communication, Phoebe creates an environment where all stakeholders are empowered to contribute their best, ultimately resulting in the successful realization of each unique project. With Phoebe at the helm, Neospeq is poised to scale new heights, fueled by her unwavering dedication, strategic mindset, and passion for fostering meaningful connections.

  • Andy Tan

    Andy Tan

    Project Management Engineer

    Andy is a meticulous individual who possesses an unwavering dedication to perfection. With a keen eye for detail, he remains in constant motion, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that every product meets the most exacting standards. Prior to joining Neospeq, Andy spent a decade as a senior project manager at MacDonald's national headquarters, where he played a pivotal role in the construction of flagship mega-sites. Andy's unrelenting pursuit of excellence is matched by his deep appreciation for data. His insatiable appetite for information empowers him to meticulously monitor every facet of project management, leaving no room for oversight. It is through his expertise and data-driven approach that we are able to uphold the highest standard procedures, ensuring that all projects are executed flawlessly.

  • Michael Tan

    Michael Tan

    Associate Project Manager

    Michael plays a pivotal role as the binding force and catalyst within the Neospeq team, fostering a culture of mutual encouragement, solidarity, and practical organization. His indispensable contributions and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in shaping the cohesive and high-performing nature of our team. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Michael consistently exhibits a remarkable combination of gravitas and meticulousness. His astute attention to detail and conscientious nature empower him to provide invaluable support to every team member at every stage of a project. Michael's expertise serves as a guiding light, ensuring that each endeavor surpasses expectations. Motivated by an appreciation for beauty and aesthetics, Michael finds joy in witnessing the birth of great ideas. His passion and enthusiasm infuse the team with a shared sense of purpose, inspiring all members to strive for greatness.

  • Walter Yu

    Walter Yu

    Project Management Consultant

    Walter brings a wealth of experience, capability, and responsibility as a seasoned senior project consultant, dedicating over 30 years to the meticulous craft of fabricating custom joinery and FF&E for the esteemed Hospitality industry. His expertise has left an indelible mark on numerous successful and prestigious hotel projects across the globe. Walter's passion and tireless energy serve as a powerful source of inspiration for the entire Neospeq team. His relentless pursuit of perfection motivates and propels us to embrace increasingly challenging and extraordinary projects. With Walter's guidance, we embark on ventures that push boundaries and captivate with their sheer brilliance. Having Walter as an integral part of our team ensures that every endeavor we undertake is infused with his wealth of knowledge and unwavering dedication. His presence sets the bar high, encouraging us all to strive for greatness and achieve remarkable success.

  • Gary Liu

    Gary Liu

    Associate Designer

    Gary is a graduate of the esteemed Interior and Architect Design College in Guangzhou, China. With a strong foundation in design, he has dedicated 12 years to the realms of space design and furniture design. However, it is his journey as a contractor since 2013 that has truly shaped his profound understanding and adeptness in project management, transforming it into his distinct vision and talent for seamlessly integrating design and quality. Gary's multifaceted expertise enables him to approach projects with a unique perspective, blending creativity with an unwavering focus on delivering exceptional results. His deep understanding of the intricacies of project management allows him to navigate complex challenges while ensuring the perfect fusion of design and quality.

  • Kevin Pan

    Kevin Pan

    Product Manager

    Kevin has an in-depth understanding of all interior materials, including their details and properties. His professional knowledge of FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) assists the Neospeq team in providing the most suitable materials for each project, aligning with the project's vision and ensuring the perfect realization of the designer's intended design effects. Furthermore, Kevin is dedicated to sourcing high-quality materials for designers and project owners worldwide. He strives to enhance the design impact to the greatest extent possible while adhering to project budgets.