From abstract dreams to vivid reality

If you can dream it, we can build it

(we can also help you dream it sometimes)

We take great pride in our ability and stubbornness to solve even the most difficult design challenge, and devise custom furnishings for a wide range of commercial clients and bespoke applications. From concept sketches to CAD drawings, from sourcing to R&D and manufacturing, we walk our clients through the ensure process — from vision to execution, to exceeding expectations.

Furniture & Joinery

Balancing between comfort, function and holistic visual impact, furniture and joinery is naturally the foundation for any space.

From concept to prototypes all the way to complex manufacturing, we offer unparalleled capabilities to execute a wide range of custom furniture and joinery projects at any scale.


An exquisitely crafted piece of custom metalwork is often the fine that distinguishes between the elegant and the memorable.

We bring advanced and varied capabilities paired with heightened design sensitivities to metalwork. From signage and balustrades to ornate and complex staircases and sculptures, we have created over the years some truly spectacular and location-defining work. We actually started out as a company as sheet metal artisans, and it continues to fuel our passion, especially with recent technologies that enable anything the imagination can conjure.


Nothing ties a room together quite like a perfect carpet or rug, whether it’s a living room or a lobby.

We offer a unique and tailored approach, taking your initial inspiration or even a kernel of an idea and transforming it into a one-of-a-kind carpet or rug. Together with you we embark on a process of discovering colour palettes, natural fabrics, finishing options, as well as introducing the latest styles and techniques. Once the concept has been approved, we ensure multiple checks are implemented throughout the manufacturing process.


Nothing creates that memorable, location-defining ambiance more than carefully thought-out lighting.

The lighting process begins with our lighting consultants who assess the space, survey its purpose and objective, and offer a wide range of creative solutions — all while working together with the client or the designers every step of the way. Once a concept has been established, we proceed to handcrafting each fixture in one of our partners’ workshops, using a mix of tradition and innovative techniques. Just like every other design solution, we apply the utmost diligence throughout the manufacturing process.