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Top 10 Custom furniture wholesale China

Custom furniture wholesale China


It is no secret that China has become a powerhouse for manufacturing. They can produce items in large quantities, and deliver them quickly to any destination. This makes China the perfect place to manufacture custom furniture wholesale china. The low cost of labor also makes it possible for these factories. To compete with other countries when pricing their products. That means you get the best prices without sacrificing quality!


Top 10 Custom furniture wholesale china

Where to find the top 10 custom furniture wholesale China


Have you ever wondered how to buy Custom furniture wholesale China? I know that many people have had this thought, but they are discouraged by the idea of high Custom furniture wholesale china cost. Custom furniture wholesale China is often really pricey, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The key is knowing how to shop Custom furniture wholesale china bargains for your Custom furniture wholesale china. It can be done if you know where to look and what experts say about Custom furniture wholesale china.


Custom Furniture Wholesale China Tips & Advice


There are several places where you can find Custom furniture wholesale china deals. There are also experts who will give advice on Custom furniture wholesale china .


One place where you can find Custom furniture wholesale china deals is at auction. Custom furniture wholesale china auctions are a good way to find Custom furniture wholesale china bargains. Because they are not always advertised in the Custom furniture wholesale china section of your local newspaper. You will have to get on mailing lists or you can go to trade shows. They are for Custom furniture wholesale china dealers or manufacturers.


Another place where Custom furniture wholesale china deals can be found is online. There are lots of Custom furniture wholesale china stores online. It means there must also be Custom furniture wholesale china bargains out there as well. In fact, there is a lot of competition among these Custom furniture wholesale.


Because Custom Furniture Wholesale China has been popular for years. Custom furniture wholesale china costs have come down quite a bit. Custom furniture wholesale china is not something that you can buy at Walmart. However, Custom furniture wholesale China is also not something exclusive.

Top 10 Custom furniture wholesale china





Since the company began to produce and sell “Sophia” brand customized wardrobes in July 2003. With the brand-new product concept combining tailor-made customized wardrobes and closet doors. The customized wardrobes have been successfully introduced to the market. And they won the recognition of Chinese customers.


Relying on the funds raised by the capital market. The company has successively completed the overall layout of the Western Production Center, East China Production Center, North China Production Center, and Central China Production Center. Nowadays, Sophia has entered the fast lane of “big home”.


2. Knoya


Knoya is a Knoya brand custom home furnishing and accessory home franchise company integrating R&D, sales, production, and service. It is also a high-tech enterprise. Kanoa was founded in March 2001.


As the earliest customized home furnishing brand in China. It now has two production bases in Guangzhou, Guangdong, and Qingyuan, Guangdong.  As well as an internationally advanced intelligent production line.

It also has two major hospitals, a home furnishing research institute, and a business school. Tie. The production is fully implemented in information management. It is using fixed-point analysis and full-process control to ensure product quality. In the research and development of products, we always insist on scientific innovation.


Kanoa brand stores are distributed in thousands of cities at home and abroad. And they are covering more than 30 provincial administrative regions including Tibet and Xinjiang.


Every year, it provides tens of thousands of families in my country with overall home solutions and innovations. Leading the healthy life of mankind.




Originated from a century of British fashion. It was introduced to the domestic market from the UK in 2005. It is an enterprise integrating R&D, design, production. And sales of custom home furnishings with design, light luxury, and technology. As its brand genes. Now it has become a large-scale whole house in China.


EBERY, a custom-designed furniture company. It is a global fashion brand with design, light luxury, and technology as its brand genes. It entered the Chinese market in 2005 and established a manufacturing base in Foshan, Guangdong.

It has opened more than 500 stores in China to provide consumers. With high-quality services, Deeply loved and respected by consumers and designers!


EBERY has always been committed to the customization of furniture for the whole house, advocates “good design and smart life”. Always adheres to “user-centered”, always pays attention to changes in consumer demand, and has been committed to product innovation and research and development.



The new luxury customization of Kefan’s whole house started in 2006. It is a brand that won the German Red Dot Design Award and the German IF Award. It meets the needs of personalized customization and flexible production. It is well-known in the industry for its less is more design concept. Kefan Custom is committed to Kefan. It was a customized home life operator with brand chaining, service innovation, and product integration. It was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Guangdong Industrial Design City. It also was an influential industrial design demonstration base in China.


It is a home furnishing research and development and design company. , Intelligent manufacturing, and service as a whole house customized solution service provider. The establishment of the Kefan brand originated from the simple design dreams of three generations.




Established in 1997, it is a large-scale and influential supplier of green decoration materials in China. Dalian Penghong Wood Industry Group Co., Ltd. has a product system. They are including panels, custom home furnishings, flooring, wooden doors, hardware, and chemicals. With years of steady development and continuous innovation. The company has grown from an early “single plywood production enterprise” to an “integrated supplier of green interior decoration materials”. With a large scale and influence in my country today. And its product marketing network covers all parts of the country.

Penghong Wood Industry Group regards the three eastern provinces as the main industrial base. Relying on the natural high-quality forest resources in the northeast forest area. Continuously optimizing the industrial structure, continuing to develop steadily to the outside world, and providing high-quality furniture materials.

Large-scale industrial clusters have formed in East China and other regions. Gradually realizing a complete industry from the purchase of high-quality raw materials to the production and sales of various types of panels, floors, wooden doors, decorative hardware, chemical adhesives, household products, and other interior decoration products.





Ten brands of whole house customization, providing one-stop solutions for whole-house custom furniture, the vice-chairman unit of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Wardrobe Association.

It was a large-scale fashion panel furniture customization enterprise integrating product design, research and development, and sales. Guangzhou Deweier Furniture Co., Ltd.

The company is a customized furniture enterprise integrating design, research, development, production, and sales. In 2005, Deville officially entered the custom furniture industry.


The Deville brand officially passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. It has built an exclusive production base in the Conghua Pearl Industrial Park. It is known as an “industrial city”, and has fully intelligent, Comfortable office conditions.


Beginning in 1994, with integrated cabinets as its flagship, it is a comprehensive domestic integrated service provider for modern integrated homes.

It was engaged in whole-house customization, wardrobes, bathroom, wooden doors, metal doors and windows, furniture, kitchen appliances, integrated large homes, etc.

Oupai Home Furnishing Group takes the overall cabinet as its flagship and drives the development of related industries. They are including whole-house customization, wardrobes, bathroom, wooden doors, metal doors and windows, armored doors, furniture, kitchen appliances, soft furnishings. Large home furnishings was forming a diversified industry Pattern, which is a comprehensive domestic integrated service provider of modern overall home furnishing.


Oopein is a young sub-brand of the group, focusing on young and fashionable home styles. In 2020, the group will officially launch a new high-end brand BAUNIS.


An influential brand in the home furnishing market. China’s environmental labeling products, was a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, production, and sales of integrated wardrobes and related customized products, committed to creating fashionable, healthy, elegant, and exquisite customized furniture products

R&D Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, production, and sales of integrated wardrobes and related customized products.


It mainly produces ONMUSE integrated wardrobes, cloakrooms, study rooms, bedrooms, guest dining rooms, sliding doors, and other six series of products. Guangzhou Oumei Sidandi Furniture R&D Co., Ltd. has a production workshop of 40,000 square meters, a professional warehouse of more than 8,000 square meters, and a large exhibition hall, equipped with imported high-end processing and production equipment, and all products use the latest international environmental protection panels.


Since its establishment in 1998, Oumesi has been adhering to the business philosophy of “innovation as the source, quality-oriented, and customer first”. It committed to tailoring intimate products for customers, always insisting on customer demand as the orientation and quality as the life of the product.


Professional customized furniture brand, a director unit of China Building Decoration Association, is known for its unique Hong Kong style home furnishing style, taking into account the three home elements of fashion, life, and function, providing home furnishing solutions.

Guangdong Shangcheng Smart Home Co., Ltd., the marketing center is located In Daliang, Shunde, the production base is located in Heshan, Jiangmen, and is fully responsible for the operation and promotion of BEHOME’s integrated cabinets, wardrobes, and bookcases as well as product manufacturing. Baiyijia is one of the domestic professional customized furniture brands.

It has gathered professionals in the industry to set up an A-MAX design studio. BEHOME’s customized home furnishings is centered on home users, innovating the lifestyles of more and more families, taking European and American fashion trends, Japanese storage concepts, and more suitable for the Chinese lifestyle as the design concept, forming a unique Hong Kong-style home style, taking into account the three home elements of fashion, life, and function.



10. Neospeq
At Neospeq we blend design and manufacturing as seamlessly and naturally as Yin & Yang. We understand that in today’s global village, flexibility, cost, and service are the key to success and that’s why we’ve developed a unique modular approach that provides our customers with a more practical and affordable solution to large-scale furnishing projects.

We salute the extra and anti-ordinary, the wonderful, and the one-off. A good piece tells a story, makes the mundane into a celebration, transforms an event from special into iconic. There is a reason some designs are called timeless, as they have survived endless evolutions and trends. Attention to detail, aesthetics, and quality are words we take to heart, even if it’s not always easy, but that’s the thing with doing a job you love – it never seems like work.

Our story begins with Neo Leung, who for over a decade worked with many of the world’s leading designers – leaving a design footprint in some of the world’s most recognizable establishments. This also led to the birth of invaluable relationships with some of the world’s best suppliers, opening up unique sourcing and trading channels that allowed him to translate great visions into the highest caliber of deliverables.


Despite the great experience, Neo always felt there was something missing in the process; a fluid approach that balanced between design, sourcing, and manufacturing, and between service and affordability. With Neospeq, he brings a holistic vision that caters to the bottom line without compromising on quality and finishing.


Our story is just beginning, but with each new project, a new chapter is being written.

Top 10 Custom furniture wholesale china



Neospeq is a company that was founded by a group of experienced and ambitious partners, who have been working in this field for more than 10 years. Custom furniture wholesale china has been developing the business from the very beginning. They are committed to providing high-quality products with competitive prices and reliable services. The aim of custom furniture wholesale china is to become one of your best suppliers in China, so they can satisfy all your requirements at any time!