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Hotel furniture in China: What to Know


Hotels are a hotelier’s bread and butter. They are the lifeblood of any hotel, which is why hotel furniture in China is so important to hotels around the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a hotel in Beijing or New York – hotel furniture can make or break your business. This blog post will talk about hotel furniture for hotels in China and what it means for global businesses.

China’s hotel sector is growing at a fast pace. The hotel room inventory growth rate increased by 11% during the period 2005-2009, and hotel capacity doubled between 2003 and 2010.
This could be seen as a response to the increasing number of people traveling within or into China.
It is part of an overall trend to improve domestic tourism infrastructure.
In addition, it is also due to rising international hotel operator demand arising from their expansion programs.
As such, the country has become a promising market for hotel furniture suppliers. They provide products that range from fine dining sets and desks to guest amenities cabinets.

The situation of hotel furniture in china

There’s a hotel interior decoration process. hotel furniture is an important part of the whole hotel interior decoration.
In the hotel industry, hotel furniture in China has been applied by modern hotel design, hotel brand, and operation management.
Because it is more convenient for people to use modern hotels with elaborate and cozy environments.
If there is no this kind of special product inside a newly designed hotel. It must spend lots of money on hiring more staff and managing for its unique design. By doing this, they provide better service to their guest customer. Nowadays, many people from different countries invest to build up their own hotels in China. They would like to make their hotels have a good image. It can attract lots of international tourists or even domestic hotel guest customers.
They will choose hotel furniture with high quality and modern design to decorate hotel rooms or hotel lobby. Because hotel furniture inside a hotel can be the reflection of time, culture, and people.

In order for Chinese hotels to offer lower prices on their rooms, they need to cut costs wherever possible.
Thus, one way that they do this is by having a similar setup when it comes to their furniture. Because if you are going to travel from hotel A to hotel B.
What is the difference between hotel furniture in China and hotel room furniture in hotels in Canada if it’s essentially the same? The main differences will be prices, hotel location, and possibly hotel size.

To have this set up you need hotel furniture manufacturers who can produce these similar designs.

China has a very large manufacturing industry when compared with other countries. In fact, there are many factories that have been producing the same product over and over again for so long they have mastered it. This means that the price per item produced will be lower because of how consistent each piece is which leads to more profit for hotels around China.

What are the different types of hotel furniture in China?

All hotel furniture is not the same: we must know what different hotel furniture exists to buy high-quality hotel furniture.

The hotel furniture-related work includes hotel room design, decoration process, hotel management, and so on.

When we choose hotel furniture for an enterprise, the requirements are much higher than those of a private customer’s. Thus it becomes very important to select hotel furnishings that meet the needs and function of each hotel personnel who will use them every day.
When selecting hotel furnishings, there are five aspects to pay attention to. They were Function, Materials, Style & Design, Brand, and Price.

(1) Function

Hotel furniture should have efficient function without any defects or inconvenience. It should be strong enough for long-term service.
Hotel furniture should not only be comfortable but also be adaptable to hotel and guest requirements. So that hotel furnishings with high quality can meet hotel management demand on hotel furniture price.
Hotel furniture is an indispensable part of hotel equipment. It must conform to the relevant national safety standards, and it should have a good appearance, good performance and long-term use, and so on.
If hotel furniture is used for many years. It must have enough strength to support human weight.
If hotel furnishings are made of wood or plastic material, they must be built in a way that doesn’t break because of their lightweight.

(2) Materials

Materials used for making hotel furniture should meet international environmental protection standards. There should be no smell, and hotel furniture should have softness.
Hotel furniture price shouldn’t be too hard on the human body.
It is made of special material that must be smooth enough not to hurt people’s skin when touched.

Hotel furniture made of plastic materials should also be able to prevent dust pollution. Generally speaking, hotel furniture which is used for 5-6 years must have good durability so as not to need replacement in a short period of time. Hotel furniture price is higher than ordinary business hotels. Because they want their guests could experience more comfortable time during a stay there.

(3) Style & Design

Hotel furniture design should meet international style requirements. It should be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Hotel furnishings should be in harmony with hotel furniture style, hotel furniture design, and the surrounding environment.
Hotel furnishings design hotel furniture design proposals made by a designer. It must have considered both practical use and art value; The hotel furniture shows whether a hotel is prosperous or not. So they are considered to be an important part of hotel equipment.

(4) Brand

Selecting hotels with famous brands can help customers maintain quality. But it upsets them sometimes because some branded products are too expensive. Selecting un-branded hotels would make their rooms look cheap, resulting in bad hotel management. The best idea is to choose high-quality brand hotel furniture with medium price from Mexican pool table manufacturers.

They have already won international certification.
You should choose hotel furniture from a well-known hotel equipment manufacturer or IKEA hotel furniture.
Price: hotel furniture prices should be reasonable and economic enough. Hotel furniture made of plastic material or wood is much cheaper than those made of special materials like metal. Hotel furniture price is also related to the hotel since some small hotels can’t afford so much money for hotel furnishings.

It could be a matter of fact that Chinese hotels are different from hotels worldwide. They not only provide traditional beds and tables for guests. But also have the sofas and sofa-set as well as some practical facilities such as the hangers and plug sockets.
The way it is provided shows that the designers and builders paid attention to human nature. When they are designing these elements and providing them into the room.
like many other things in Chinese culture, intuition is an important part of creating these designs. It will generate a lot of “brainstorming” and discussions during the hotel designing period.

How and why do Chinese hotels have furniture that is different from other countries?

Hotel furniture in China hotel furniture is new, bright, practical. Traditional chairs on the bed, use of white to convey cleanliness, a greater sense of space. Usually, there is a cabinet placed above the headboard of the traditional chair to place some things.
At home or work often used as a desk writing table or computer table generally has many drawers suitable for storing small items.
So this kind of drawer has gained more and more popularity in recent years.
Hotel furniture in China hotel beds fills all seasons are more popular than spring mattresses. They can be adjusted to a reclining position.
Hotel furniture in China hotel beds fills all seasons are often used as hotels and resorts, with hotel filling mattresses for the first time.

It usually resorts hotel or hotel bedding material is made of feathers, with people living in the hotel will have allergies.
Hotel furniture in China hotel bed type fill all season spring mattress is more suitable for allergic patients.
Hotel furniture in China’s hotel rooms home has its own characteristics. There are two kinds of a few fixed points fixed room living room. One kind is on the window wall, window curtains can be closed. Another type is that no windows open rooms. The middle part of the walls and partitions have a certain thickness.

China’s hotel furniture market has good development potential. With the hotel business rapidly developing in China, hotel furniture also has a bright future and will be more and more popular with people on the earth.
As the hotel is one of the most important fields for hotel furniture. Hotels not only need a lot of different kinds of hotel furniture to make a comfortable and elegant environment for their guests. The hotel managers also need some hotel furniture to simplify their work and to reduce the probability of making mistakes.


The hotel furniture in China is designed with a view to ease the hotel concierge’s work. This is the reason why you will find a hotel guestroom table or hotel desk that has an extra drawer on it for convenience and practical reasons.