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Complete Guide: How to Source hotel furniture from China

Source hotel furniture


The source hotel furniture is an online store that provides a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of hotels, including office furniture and supplies. They offer quality hotel furniture at competitive prices, and they work with their customers every step of the way.

Why source hotel furniture from China


The United States is one of the largest importers of furniture. They spend billions of dollars a year on these products. China is one of only a handful of exporters able to meet this demand. Today, most furniture imports come from China, a country with thousands of manufacturing plants manned by skilled labor to ensure affordable but high-quality products.


Do you plan to buy from a Chinese furniture manufacturer? Then this guide will help you familiarize yourself with everything you need to source hotel furniture from China. From the different types of furniture you can buy in the country to where to find the best furniture manufacturers to make orders and import regulations, we’ve got you covered. Are you interested? Read on to learn more!


Chinese furniture market potential


Most of the cost of building a house or office goes towards furniture. By buying Chinese furniture wholesale, you can greatly reduce this cost. Also, compared to the retail price in your country/region, the price in China is definitely much cheaper. China became the world’s largest furniture exporter in 2004. They manufacture most of the products of the world’s leading furniture designers.


Chinese furniture products are usually handmade without glue, nails, or screws. They are made from high-quality wood, thus ensuring they last a lifetime. Their design is designed in such a way that each component can be seamlessly connected to the rest of the furniture without making the connection visible.


A large supply of furniture from China

Many furniture sellers travel to China to source hotel furniture in bulk to take advantage of discounted prices. There are about 50,000 furniture makers in China. Most of these manufacturers are small and medium-sized enterprises. They usually produce unbranded or plain furniture, but some have begun to produce branded furniture. With a large number of manufacturers in the country, they can produce unlimited quantities of furniture.


There’s even a city in China that makes furniture that you can buy at wholesale prices — Shunde. Located in Guangdong Province, the city is known as “Furniture City”.


Easily source hotel furniture from China

Chinese furniture makers have a strategic position in the country, making it easier to import, even for the international furniture market. Most are located near Hong Kong, which you may know as the economic gateway to mainland China. The port of Hong Kong is a deep-water port for the trade of containerized manufactured goods. It is the largest port in southern China and one of the busiest seaports in the world.


What types of furniture are imported from China


But you won’t find manufacturers of all types of furniture. Like any other industry, each furniture maker specializes in a specific area. The most common types of furniture you can import from China are as follows:

Upholstered furniture

Hotel furniture

Office furniture (including office chairs)

Plastic furniture

Chinese wooden furniture

Metal furniture

The wicker furniture

Outdoor furniture

Office furniture

Hotel furniture

Bathroom furniture

Children furniture

Sitting room furniture

Dining room furniture

Bedroom furniture

Sofa and sofa


There is pre-designed furniture. But if you want to customize your furniture, some manufacturers also offer customization services. You can choose the design, materials, and finishes. Whether you want furniture suitable for home, office, hotel, etc., you can find the best quality furniture manufacturers in China.


How to find furniture manufacturers from China


After learning about the types of furniture you can buy in China and deciding what kind of furniture you want, the next step is to find a manufacturer. Here we will show you three ways to find reliable pre-designed and custom furniture manufacturers in China.



#1 Furniture purchasing agent


If you cannot visit a furniture manufacturer in China in person, you can find a furniture purchasing agent who can buy the products you need. Purchasing agents can contact a variety of top furniture manufacturers and/or suppliers to find the products you need. Note, however, that you will pay more for the furniture because the purchasing agent will charge a sales commission.


If you do have time to visit the manufacturer, supplier, or retail store in person. You may have problems communicating with sales representatives. That’s because most of them don’t speak English. Some don’t even offer transportation. In these cases, it is also a good idea to hire a purchasing agent. They can be your interpreters when talking to agents. They can even handle the export for you.


Purchasing agents usually ask for 3-5% of sales to handle shipping. For more information on finding a reliable purchasing agent, you can read this article.


#2 Alibaba

Alibaba is a popular platform where you can source hotel furniture from China online. It is the largest B2B supplier directory in the world, in fact, it is the top market for you to find cheap quality products. It contains thousands of different suppliers, including furniture trading companies, factories, and wholesalers. Most of the suppliers you can find here are from China.


Alibaba’s China furniture platform is perfect for online startups that want to resell furniture. You can even put your own label on it. However, be sure to filter your options to make sure you’re dealing with a reliable company. We also suggest you look for top Furniture manufacturers in China, not just wholesalers or trading companies. provides information about each company, which you can use to find good suppliers. This information includes the following:


The registered capital

Product range

Company name

Product Test report

Certificate of the company


Here’s another article you can read about how to find reliable suppliers on Alibaba.


#3 Furniture Show from China


The final way to find a trusted furniture supplier is to attend a Furniture fair in China. Here are three of the country’s biggest and most popular fairs:


China International Furniture Fair

China International Furniture Fair is the largest furniture fair in China and the world. Thousands of international visitors attend the show each year to see what more than 4,000 exhibitors have to offer at the show. The event is held twice a year, usually in Guangzhou and Shanghai.


The first stage is usually arranged in March, while the second stage is usually arranged in September. Each stage has a different product category. For the 2020 Furniture Fair, the 46th CIFF Ii will be held in Shanghai from September 7-10. In 2021, the first phase of the 47th CIFF will be held in Guangzhou. You can find more information here.


Most exhibitors are from Hong Kong and China, but there are also brands from North American, European, Australian, and other Asian companies. You’ll find a wide variety of furniture brands at the show, including the following categories:


Upholstery and Bedding

Hotel furniture

Office furniture

Outdoor leisure

Home decor and textiles

Classic furniture

Modern furniture


If you want to know more information about CIF, you can contact them at any time.


Canton Fair Ii

The Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, is held twice a year in three sessions. In 2020, the second Canton Fair will be held from October to November at the China Import and Export Commodities Exhibition Hall, the largest exhibition center in Asia. You can find the schedule for each stage here.


Each stage shows a different industry. The second phase includes furniture products. In addition to exhibitors from Hong Kong and mainland China, international exhibitors also attended the Fair. It is one of the largest wholesale furniture trade shows, with more than 180,000 visitors. In addition to furniture, you’ll find a wide variety of product categories at the show, including:


Home decoration

General ceramic

Household items

Kitchen utensils and tableware



China International Furniture Fair

This is a trade show event where you can find reputable furniture, interior design, and quality materials business partners. The International Contemporary and Antique Furniture Fair are held every September in Shanghai, China. It is held at the same place and time as the China Furniture Manufacturing and Supply (FMC) Exhibition, so you can attend both events at the same time.


The China Furniture Association organized the fair attended by thousands of furniture exporters and brands from Hong Kong, mainland China, and other international countries. This allows you to explore various furniture categories to meet your specific needs:


Upholstered furniture

European classical furniture

Classical Chinese furniture

The mattress

Children furniture

Tables and chairs

Outdoor and garden furniture and accessories

Office furniture

Modern furniture

Source hotel furniture

Order quantity


No matter what furniture you are buying, it is important to consider the manufacturer’s minimum order (MOQ). This is the minimum quantity of goods that Chinese furniture wholesalers are willing to sell. Some manufacturers have a higher MOQ, while others have a lower value.


In the furniture industry, the moQ depends largely on the product and the factory. For example, a bed manufacturer might have a minimum order of 5 units, while a beach chair manufacturer might have a minimum order of 1,000 units. In addition, there are 2 types of MOQ in the furniture industry, which are based on:


Container volume

If you are also willing to source hotel furniture from China made from standard materials such as wood.  Some factories are willing to set a lower minimum order.


Bulk order


For large orders, some of China’s top furniture makers set high minimum volumes but offer products at lower prices. However, in some cases, small and medium-sized importers are unable to reach these prices. However, some Chinese furniture suppliers are flexible and can offer discounts. If you order different types of furniture.


Retail orders


If you plan to buy in retail volume, be sure to ask your supplier if the furniture you want is in stock, as it will be easier to buy. But they will be 20 to 30 percent higher than wholesale prices.


While you have many manufacturers to choose from in China, keep in mind that each manufacturer focuses on a single category of furniture. For example, if you need a living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture, you need to find multiple suppliers that produce each product. A visit to the furniture show is the perfect way to accomplish this task.


Importing products and sourcing hotel furniture from China is not an easy process. But once you familiarize yourself with the basics, you can easily buy anything you want from that country. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with all the knowledge you need to start your own furniture business.