In a constantly changing society in which we often find ourselves in different situations, and that requires different contexts to achieve different solutions, interiors and furnishings must be flexible and multipurpose to be adaptable to different functions at work times of the day. These are different reasons why it is this particular couch has been conceived and created. Gabbiano is an innovative and peculiar sofa that is entirely flexible in functionality. These characteristics allow it to be used in different environments, situations from a relaxed open lounge feel to a private and enclosed space by switching from the low backrest and high armrest, to high backrest enclosed seating. This is all achieved by the use of a simple zip that can convert your informal everyday lounge to a private booth.


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Gabbiano Foldable 151L x 83D x 82(142)H cm Gabbiano Unfoldable 143L x 80D x 142H cm


Solid Wood Stainless Steel Fabric


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Paolo Favaretto

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